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Digital Camera Review: Nikon CoolPix 6.0 Megapixel Consumer Camera

Nikon Coolpix Memory Card There are certain digital cameras you should stay away from at all costs. These cameras are those that promise amazing results, but only deliver complicated features and image quality that is less than satisfactory. Sadly, there are far too many of these cameras, but within all the rough there are several diamonds. The Nikon CoolPix 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera, Model: L11 is one of the best digital cameras I have reviewed to date. With over 6 million working pixels, you are able to enjoy images that are smooth, vivid and extremely lifelike.

Main Product Features:

This Nikon digital camera has all of the features of a camera that is twice its price, which is why I highly recommend it for all users. Even though this camera comes with 6.0 Megapixels, which is on the lower-end of Megapixels, with all of the other various image features you are able to receive images that are extremely detailed and rich with colors.

The 2.4" TFT LCD monitor allows you to see your images clearly so you know if you must take another picture. With movie-recording capabilities at 30fps or 15fps (frames-per-second), you are able to enjoy smooth moving videos complete with sound.

With an internal memory of 7MB, you are able to take a high-number of photographs without have an external SD memory card, but it is always recommended that you purchase a SD card when you purchase your digital camera (in many cases, you will receive a discount if you do so).

This digital camera allows you to choose between various image recording sizes. These include 2816 x 2112 pixels, 2048 x 1536 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels. You are able to easily choose between the capture sizes, which allows you to quickly change pixel usable when you are running out of memory space. I recommend sticking with the 1024 x 768 pixels for your everyday picture taking. This will maximize the amount of photographs you can take without having to sacrifice image size and quality.

Product Usability:

This is digital camera has been designed for those who desire high-quality images, but in a cost-effective product. I would recommend this product for beginner photographers, or for casual use. The digital camera is not the most advanced on the market, but it has more than enough features for the average consumer.

Product Price:

You are able to find this digital camera for an average price of $115, making it one of the most affordable cameras in its megapixel class.

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